Can't Keep This Athlete Down

Seizure disorder merely an inconvenience.

Whiz Kid: Tyler Beaulieu

Whiz Kid's age: 11

Whiz kid's accomplishments: It takes a true athlete to not only participate in many sports but to excel at them. To do so while competing with a medical disorder is even more amazing. But for Tyler Beaulieu it’s a way of life – he eats, breathes and sleeps sports! Tyler is from East Hampton and plays baseball, ice hockey and basketball. And he’s only 11! Tyler also suffers from a seizure disorder although suffer is probably not the best description as he doesn’t let this inconvenience slow him down in the least.

Tyler has played baseball since he was in kindergarten and his love for the game shows on the diamond. He currently plays baseball for the East Hampton Majors Bobcat team. This season his team went undefeated throughout the playoffs, winning all four games, but unfortunately lost in the semifinals. The team had a strong showing finishing out the season with a 9-2 record.

Tyler has been playing ice hockey since he was 3. Tyler plays for Central CT Youth Hockey in Newington and this past year his team won the Jingle Bell Tournament. Tyler is the team’s goalie and he recorded 11 shutouts for the season.

You would think that would be enough, but Tyler enjoys other activities as well and is an excellent student. Tyler plays CYO basketball for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in East Hampton. He also enjoys music and has taken up playing the trumpet. Tyler has completed the fifth grade and is gearing up for middle school next year.

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