Whiz Kid

Meet a hometown All-Star.

Whiz Kid: Alyssa Marchi

Whiz Kid's age: 10

Whiz Kid's accomplishments: Like any 10 year old, Alyssa Marchi of East Hampton likes to have fun. But, she is also devoted to excellence in all her activities and there are lots of them. Her involvement in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities is helping her to develop into a caring, well-rounded individual while keeping true to her dream of teaching art.

The East Hampton girls' All-Star softball team just finished up the 2011 season and it was a great experience for Alyssa, the second baseman. While she is becoming a seasoned veteran at softball having played for three years now, this was her first time playing on the All-Star team.  Although her team did not take the championship title, it was a great opportunity to hone her softball skills and spend time with her teammates and friends. Alyssa is an all-around athlete, also participating in soccer and basketball. Now that the softball season is complete, she is shifting her focus and energy towards soccer by playing for the East Hampton travel team. 

While Alyssa loves sports her real love is art. She loves to sketch and aspires to become an art teacher when she is grown. Not one to set the bar low, she has expanded her interest in the arts to participating in her school’s band playing the clarinet, singing in the chorus and acting in the school play. This past year she pulled double duty by singing and acting in Center School’s play “A Kid’s Life,” the story of kids trying to survive without electronics, where she played Michelle. 

But you can’t forget that Alyssa is still only 10 and like every girl her age, she is happiest spending time with her friends, especially those at her daycare. She is very excited about some upcoming field trips the center is taking particularly the ones planned to Nature’s Art and Quassy Amusement Park.

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