Whiz Kid

Princesses, Rainbows and NASCAR

Whiz Kid: Raleigh Paulauskas

Whiz Kid's age: 4

Whiz Kid's accomplishment: Raleigh Paulauskas loves to watch car races.  She has been to 3 race tracks including the Waterford Speed Bowl, Dover International Speedway, and most recently the New Hampshire Motor Speedway to watch the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series cars in Loudon, NH.  Her favorite car is the M&M car driven by Kyle Busch (or “Kyle the bush” as Raleigh would say.)

At Dover and New Hampshire, Raleigh participated in the track walk for charity. During the walk she was able to find tire rubber and used lug nuts from some of the cars. She was also able to get her sign proclaiming “I love princesses, rainbows and Kyle Busch” some air time on the Trackside Live show on the Speed Channel, though Raleigh herself was too tired to make an appearance. 

Raleigh loves to wear her pink “earmuffs” in order to avoid the deafening roar of the race cars. She has become a pro at camping as her family uses their pop-up camper at the races as well as on other trips throughout the year. She is great at sweeping up and killing bugs.

Raleigh had her fourth birthday last weekend, lives in East Hampton, and is a student there at the Belltown Learning Center.

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