East Hampton Arts and Cultural Commission to Host Local Artist Open House

All local artists invited to attend June 16.

The following is a press release submitted by the East Hampton Arts and Cultural Commission:

The East Hampton Arts and Cultural Commission is pleased to announce their first “Local Artist Open House” on Thursday, June 16, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The 70 Main Coffee House and Art Gallery in the Village Center.

This inaugural event from the newly-created Arts and Cultural Commission is co-sponsored by the Economic Development Commission and will provide an opportunity for local artists to meet the members of this exciting new commission and provide their contact information for an upcoming EH Arts and Cultural informational piece that will be developed this summer.

All local artists in all phases of creative arts from music, painting, sculpting, photography, theatre arts, etc. are invited to attend and share their thoughts on the direction of the commission and how the commission can help them within the community.  

The commission is composed of many members of various cultural and community groups that are well-established in East Hampton and those interested in the Arts.  The members are; Commission Chairman Rich Leone who is also the Chairman of the Economic Development Commission, Vice-Chair Rachel Mansfield from YPCCA (Young People Center for Creative Arts), Elizabeth Sennett from the Art Association, Shirley Brooks from the Chatham Historical Society, Valerie Bozzi from Podium Players, Monica Kangley and Carol Lane from the Goff House, and local resident Kevin Gunning. 

“The commission feels strongly that the best way to begin as a board is to introduce ourselves to our talented local artists and give them an opportunity to meet the Commission members and begin to compile a list of artists in East Hampton,” said East Hampton Town Council member Thom Cordeiro, the driving force on the Council for the creation of this new board. “There is so much local talent in all aspects of arts and culture in East Hampton, some are very visible, but there is so much more that has not been promoted to our residents. We hope this new commission will cultivate an even greater appreciation of arts and culture in East Hampton.”

From the time they began to meet earlier this year, the two consistent tasks for the group were to create a community events calendar and to compile a complete list of artisans and cultural groups that exist within East Hampton. Most residents have seen local bands or community theatre events, but are not aware of the talented painters, musicians, photographers, dance studios and more that offer fantastic services to the community. The group hopes that this initial event will provide the springboard to even greater awareness of all that exists in East Hampton.

All residents as well as all local artists are invited to attend the Open House at 70 Main on June 16. Light refreshments will be served. 

“70 Main has already established itself as a great local venue for local talent with many events such as their art gallery, support of an “open mic” night, etc.,” said Rich Leone, EHACC Chairman.  “70 Main is the perfect venue for this Open House.”

All are open to attend this great new event from the Arts and Cultural Commission; a great way to meet the members of this new board and some fantastic local artists. 


The East Hampton Arts and Cultural Commission Open House; co-sponsored by the East Hampton Economic Development Commission – 70 Main Coffee House and Art Gallery, Village Center will run from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Alice C. Stelzer June 13, 2011 at 08:48 PM
I am sorry to miss your first event but will be out of town.


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