Eggs Up: Portland's Gluten Free Grill is a Route 66 Favorite

Kimberly Greenlaw, owner of Eggs Up Grill, talks about how a diagnosis of an immune disease caused her to create a gluten free menu option — a decision that has proven to be a hit among customers.

Jam packed with off the cuff egg humor and satisfied customers, the Eggs Up Grill in Portland is a Route 66 area favorite.

From the hand cut home fried potatoes, homemade corned beef hash and a myriad of gluten free menu choices, Kimberly Greenlaw and her extended family, have been busy for the past seven years making friends and keeping customers coming back for more at their breakfast and lunch eatery.

“What I truly love most about this business is that over the years the customers have really become part of the family,” said Greenlaw, who has comically integrated egg humor into her everyday business with her “Can you see my crack?” and “This Place Cracks Me Up!” black T-shirts that are the employees “formal” uniforms.

However, it was no laughing matter when Greenlaw was diagnosed with Celiac Disease five years ago, prompting her to include the gluten free menu choices at her establishment.

“At first it started out that I had all the gluten free ingredients here so when my kids, who also have Celiac Disease, came in to eat I could make them what they wanted,” explains Greenlaw. “Then I realized how many other people need to and want to eat gluten free and I decided to include the options on my menu. Now we have an entire separate menu with gluten free food.”

Celiac Disease is a disorder resulting from an immune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat and related grains. It causes impaired absorption and digestion of nutrients through the small intestine.

“Having a gluten free menu has been tremendous for our business. People love it because there are not a lot of places people can go out to eat, gluten free,” adds Greenlaw, who personally bakes a wide variety of gluten free muffins and breads on a daily basis.

She is very proud to say that she has seen her business grow over the past few years. In fact, on most weekend mornings there is a line out the door waiting to catch a bite at the tiny restaurant that seats about 52 people, including those sitting at the 50’s style counter.

“I think we offer our customers a good place to eat, at a fair price, with lots of fresh daily specials and great gluten free options, that’s why people keep coming back,” says Greenlaw confidently.

Some of those scrumptious specials include; French toast smothered in fresh strawberries or bananas, topped with thick maple syrup, Southern Benedict made with fresh baked biscuits topped with ham, poached eggs and blanketed with a healthy helping of creamy sausage gravy.

And, for a touch of New England Fall, how about some tasty, gluten-free pumpkin pancakes made from scratch. All these favorites and more are available seven days a week, from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“We love our own menu and specials, but we also encourage our customers to come in and be creative,” says Greenlaw. “Tell us what you want and we will do all we can to make it for you!”

 To see a complete Eggs Up Grill menu, go to www.theeggsupgrill.com.


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