Gas Prices Continue Steady Rise

Several local pumps up another 10 cents the past week.

Last week, we decided to tour the gas pumps to report on prices in Portland and East Hampton and this week, well, we decided to do it again.

Retail gasoline prices have increased for 37 straight days and there is nothing to indicate prices will start to drop anytime soon. Earlier this week, the average price for unleaded gas in Connecticut was $4.15 a gallon. In Stamford last week, the price at one station hit $4.999. To see the current state averages, click here.

Prices are above $4 per gallon in California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Alaska and Hawaii.

In our two towns, the low on Wednesday was $4.099 and the high $4.149, but again, that is the cash price. You will pay more using your debit or credit card at most stations. Also keep in mind, the prices listed here are from Wednesday. As of noon on Thursday, the prices had already gone up at some stations.

Before we list the prices, one note from last week. Cobalt Valero got singled out as being among the highest priced gas stations. Last Friday, however, they had lowered their price for regular unleaded by four cents. Then lowered it another two cents a day later. On Wednesday they were back up to $4.129, cash or credit, but that is very competitive at this week's prices. Also, their price for diesel is 10 cents less than last week and mid- and high-grade unleaded are also lower.

This week's list:

East Hampton

Citgo Food Bag, Route 66 - $4.099 (regular unleaded); $4.219 (diesel)

Citgo Food Bag, Route 16 - $4.099 / $4.219

Cobalt Valero - $4.129 / $4.199 (same price cash or credit)


Citgo, Route 66 - $4.139 / $4.169

Mobil, Route 66 - $4.149 / $4.269 (same price cash or credit)

Valero, Route 17 - $4.099 / $4.199

Cumberland Farms, Route 66 - $4.149 / no diesel

Hess, Route 66 - $4.099 / no diesel

Gulf, Route 66 - $4.099 / $4.169

Sunoco, Route 66 - $4.129 / no diesel (same price cash or credit)

The one-week increases for regular unleaded: both Citgo Food Bags in East Hampton up 10 cents; Cobalt Valero (+3 cents); Portland Citgo (+12 cents); Portland Mobil (+7 cents); Portland Valero (+5 cents); Portland Cumberland Farms (+12 cents); Portland Hess (+8 cents); Portland Gulf (+8 cents) and Portland Sunoco (+10 cents).

One final note on this week's prices. East Hampton Citgo had been charging an extra four cents for debit/credit purchases. During the past week, however, it raised that to six cents.


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