Middletown's Destinta Purchased by R/C Theatres

After 13 years in Metro Square Destinta is now R/C Metro Movies 12 — and moviegoers can expect higher quality film resolution and lower concession prices.

If you’re heading to the movies this weekend to see the box office openings of “Savages,” “Katy Perry: Part of Me” or “The Amazing Spider-Man,” you may be surprised to see no signs on the former in Middletown’s Metro Square.

Manager Rachel McDonald confirmed that on July 1, R/C Theatres, based out of Reisterstown, Md., purchased the 12-screen Destinta Theatres, after it had occupied the building for more than 13 years.

The good news is moviegoers will see an upgrade in film quality and a slight drop in the prices of popcorn, candy and soda at the renamed R/C Metro Movies 12.

This weekend, painters are transforming the outside of the theater from a white-and-gray façade to a mint-green-and-brown one and the marquees on the front and the back of the building have been taken down.

So although the building looks strange without any signs whatsoever, McDonald says they are most definitely open.

McDonald, who has been manager for two years, said big changes are taking place. “They’re renovating the whole building, the colors are going to change, we’re going digital, it’s not going to be film any longer.”

And once all the work is done, theatergoers can expect to save a little money.

“I know the concession price will go down and I’ve heard the box office price will go down as well, but nothing is set in stone,” McDonald said.

A year ago, the Middletown Press reported chief financial officer of Destinta, Larry Haber, signed a 10-year contract to stay at Metro Square. The retail spot was originally home to a long-vacant Shop Rite supermarket.

Tickets are $10 for adults; children and seniors are $7.50; $8.25 for a matinee and $7.50 on bargain Tuesday. Three-dimensional movies are an additional $3. For screen times, call 860-346-4000.

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