Scene at the Pump: Local Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Portland Citgo, Cumberland Farms lead the way at $3.919.


In April and May of 2011, East Hampton-Portland Patch started a weekly feature on the cost of gas as prices soared above $4.

Well, guess what? It's back. The regular feature and the rising price for a gallon of gas.

As crude oil prices closed above $109 a barrel last week, the price at the pump continues to rise as well. The national average increased by 13 cents in the past week and expectations are that the price will hit $4 in various parts of the country, including here, sooner rather than later.

Currently, the national average is $3.688 for a gallon of regular unleaded, up from $3.333 a year ago. California has the highest average at $4.275. The New York Metro area hit $4 last week. In East Hampton and Portland, we are paying about 20 cents more depending on where you go.

As of Sunday afternoon, here is a rundown of local prices for regular unleaded and diesel in our two towns. All prices listed are cash unless otherwise mentioned, so don't forget those per gallon credit/debit card fees for those locations that charge.

East Hampton

Citgo Food Bag, Route 66 - $3.839 (regular unleaded); $4.219 (diesel)

Citgo Food Bag, Route 16 - $3.839 / $4.219

Cobalt Valero - $3.899 / no diesel (same price cash or credit)


Citgo, Route 66 - $3.919 / $4.299

Mobil, Route 66 - $3.899 / $4.279 (same price cash or credit)

Valero, Route 17 - $3.859 / $4.249

Cumberland Farms, Route 66 - $3.919 / no diesel (same price cash or credit)

Hess, Route 66 - $3.849 / no diesel

Gulf, Route 66 - $3.899 / $4.259

Sunoco, Route 66 - $3.899 / no diesel (same price cash or credit)


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