Post Surgical Camisoles available at The Pink Mermaid Mastectomy Boutique

Are you about to have a mastectomy or lumpectomy? Here is a wonderful item to help during your recovery - the Post Surgical Camisole.  It is best to try one on before surgery. They are designed to be stepped into and then pulled up - in case you have limited mobility of your arms immediately following surgery. It comes with 2 puffs to wear on the side(s) you have surgery on. The puff size can easily be adjusted by pulling the fiberfill out. Best part - there are 2 removable pockets to hold the drains. Soft stretchy fabric. Most insurances cover 2 of these after the surgery.

Available at The Pink Mermaid....a Mastectomy Boutique

1313 Gold Star Hwy, Groton, CT   860-865-0825


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