Report: Private Plowers Charging Exorbitant Rates

How much did it cost you to get plowed out after the blizzard?

As the piles of snow got higher from Friday night into Saturday, the cost of having your driveway plowed may have been going up as well.

In New Haven, there was at least one private snowplower who was charging $200 per hour to clear snow away from residences, according to a story in the New Haven Independent.

Connecticut has laws in place that prohibit so-called price gouging in the wake of natural disasters, a law that was enacted in 2012. Under this law, "the Department of Consumer Protection can level an unfair trade practices charge against any business charging an "unconscionably excessive price" for vital goods or services during a weather emergency as declared by the governor," the Connecticut Mirror reported last year.

There have been many stories since Friday of Good Samaritans and good neighbors helping out where needed.

How much did you pay to get the snow cleared? Tell us in the comments.

Ex Republican February 11, 2013 at 02:25 PM
I do it myself with a John Deere but I am not sure $200 per hour is really that high when you consider the wear and tear on the drive train, engine, etc. of a fuel hog truck when the snow is soooo deep. What is exhorbitant is the amount they charge when we have a 6" snow storm.
Rich February 12, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Considering these individuals are being asked to work nearly around the clock, $200 per hour is not bad. As Ex said, the trucks will take beating, and if one could work 16 hours, excluding travel time, for the past five days, that is only $16,000. Now lets say the plow covers 400 miles in a day (about 25 miles of travel or plowing an hour). At 8 miles per gallon, you'd have about $1000 dollars in gas. It probably costs a couple thousand yearly for commercial insurance. You could easily expect a few thousand dollars in body damage. Factor in financing on a 40,000+ heavy duty truck, and company is only walking away at the end of the storm with a few thousand dollars per truck. Then, the truck might sit idle for the rest of the winter, and not earn any new revenue. So, $200 dollars is not price gouging; it is simply a fair price for the thin profit margins that a plowing company earns.
kelly February 12, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Here Here Rich! We should be thankful for them!


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