The Comstock Covered Bridge on a Winter's Day

Fully rebuilt a year ago, the historic bridge spans the Salmon River at East Hampton's border with Colchester.


Even on a dreary winter's day the Comstock Bridge in Salmon River State Park in East Hampton is an awe-inspiring site.

The bridge, which dates back some 100 years, was rebuilt by the state in 2011 and 2012 using many of its original parts.

On a quiet day, when you're alone inside, your footfalls echo inside the huge wooden structure, one of only three of its kind still standing in Connecticut and among just a few that still exist in the entire country.

Beneath the rough-hewn planks that make up its floor and out several open windows along its nearly 100-foot length the gurgling of the Salmon River below is audible inside the bridge.

Though once used by horse-drawn carriages and later early cars as a means to cross the river, the bridge today is part of the larger Salmon River State Park off Route 16 and is a popular local attraction for tourists as well as the trout fishermen who ply the Salmon River during fishing season.


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