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Research has showed that stress, through the release in the body of a hormone called cortisol, could kill brain cells by the millions and lead to memory loss similar to Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Walter Hess, a Swiss-born physiologist, won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1949 for “proving that there were actually two discrete centers in the brain: a stress center and an anti-stress, or relaxation, center. When the stress center in your brain is activated, a stress response is elicited with its all-too-familiar features such as a pounding heart, faster breathing and high blood pressure. Prolonged exposure to stress can kill brain cells, too. When you touch that relaxation spot, however, the exact opposite response ensues: your blood pressure goes down, your pulse slows and your breathing rate returns to normal.

One of the best scientifically proven ways to elicit this anti-stress response is through the regular practice of meditation, which lowers that dangerous stress hormone. There are various forms of meditation, all of them worthwhile and effective at reducing stress and improving many aspects of physical and mental health and well-being“.

Life Coach, Torin Lee will be hosting weekly Tuesday Meditation Classes at the Oneida Holistic Health Center. The fee is $5 per week. No reservations required but please be prompt. NO CLASS ON FEB.5! Information about this and other programs offered at the center can be found at the centers website, theocenter.net or by calling the center at 860-467-6518.



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