Who's Coming and Who's Going: Enfield Home Sales

There were 10 homes sold in Enfield in the past week, with a top price of $227,835.

The following real estate transactions were recorded in the Enfield Town Clerk's office through Jan. 31, 2013.

29 Northfield Road - $227,835
Buyers: Jennifer Dols and Leonard Barnaby, Jr.
Seller: Niki Haslam

52 Jondot Drive - $45,000
Buyer: New Britain Real Estate LLC
Seller: Alice Dustin

3 Cartier Road - $200,000
Buyer: Jessica Rice
Sellers: Josephine and Joseph Giordano

11-15 Walnut Street - $94,000
Buyer: Gary Thresher
Seller: U.S. Bank National Association

18 St. Thomas Street - $165,000
Buyers: Jeane Hobley and Alfred Holubecki
Seller: Estate of Mary White

165 Columbia Road - $160,000
Buyers: Richard Salter and Nancy Belfiore
Seller: Estate of Leo Fortin

22-24 Lafayette Street - $187,700
Buyer: Frank Masse
Sellers: Jody and Michael Rogers

4 Munda Drive - $222,500
Buyer: Mitchell Murray, Jr.
Sellers: Nicholas Zaccaro and Elizabeth Ingalls

25 Summer Street - $132,000
Buyer: Deborah Croft
Seller: Sheri Stemmerman

70 Middle Road - $205,000
Buyer: Raffia Farms Inc.
Seller: William Gilmore II 

Rich Pehl February 02, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Tim,still no information on the property I was asking about a couple of weeks ago? Can I find out by going to townhall and viewing the records?
Tim Jensen February 02, 2013 at 06:32 PM
I found nothing on it, maybe Town Hall might have more info.


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