30,000 Bank of America Jobs to be Cut by the End of 2013

Who can do a better job getting our country out of the mess we are in –  and I mean fast!

It should very clear to most of America that the Main Street media want to see President Obama re-elected. It should also be clear to most in America that when the Federal Reserve chairman doesn’t see the job market getting better until 2015, then he must have a pretty good idea that our economy is in deep trouble. We keep being told that our economy is getting better and that it will take four more years to get things turned around. This is no longer a political issue, it is a survival issue. You can spin this any way you want. We have to decide who can do a better job getting our country out of the mess we are in and I mean fast. We can’t afford to take four more years to figure out we made a mistake and have to put our money, or should I say our future, on the wrong person.

BofA cutting 16,000 jobs by year end in cost-plan acceleration: WSJ

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Kaptainsteve October 01, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Andrew, you nailed my point. The reason the bankster and politician criminals have stolen from us almost every penny we have is because we allow them access to TONS OF MONEY via taxation. The only way to stop this is to limit government by choking off it's, now literally UNLIMITED (QEForever) budget and therefore it's power and influence to do harm. And, the worth thing is we look to MORE taxation to 'fix' things??? Austerity my arse! This logic is absolutely INSANE! It' s like giving an alcoholic an unlimited credit card for the pub down the street and expecting him to quit... It just ain't gonna happen anytime soon and worse, IT'S OUR OWN FAULT! Why should we pony up another red cent to the criminals after they've just run out the door with the jewels, the tv and all our furniture? But, that's what it seems we want to do.
Kaptainsteve October 01, 2012 at 10:46 PM
Malvi, I agree with most you say and this time as well. But, we need a paradigm shift. Depending on new politicians to fix a problem the old politicians made is not a solution that will ever work. Today's new politician is tomorrow's crooked con artist. The only way out of this mess is to give them less to work with. We need to give them LESS, not more to steal from us. Of course, this requires changing our view of what government is supposed to do back to what was intended. We must limit government (federal) to protection our unalienable rights to life, liberty and property and every thing else must be gutted. If you want a dept. of education (and God knows only why?) then do it the local level so it is escapable. Individuals can move away from a town or state like Calif., CT, or Mass that are mini experiments in modern Marxism/Fascism. We can no longer trust politicians. That experiment has failed time and time again. Let's realize that unless we address their access to unlimited borrowing and taxes nothing has any real reason to change.
Kaptainsteve October 01, 2012 at 10:49 PM
@Think Positive Who cares what Malvi ran for? Who cares if she was/is a republican? If you disagree with what she says then why don't you address what she said???
Kaptainsteve October 01, 2012 at 11:02 PM
R, I agree, but I just take things much farther. The problem is that the politicians have unlimited access to borrowing and spending and this makes them very corruptible. Until we give them less access to this kind (Trillions) of money, they will always be corrupt - how can they not? I agree that they shouldn't be involved in all those things you mention. I agree that they've gone too far with regulations. But, until we come back to the idea that government exists to protect our freedom, not encroach on it (or regulate and tax it away) things can never change. There are too many people on the government teat (whether they be senior citizens on medicare, farmers, unwed mothers, section 8'rs, too big to fail banks and corporations, Medicaid, SSI, social security, military contractors, daycare providers, school lunches, etc) now. The vested interest is too great for almost any politician to resist pandering too. We need a paradigm shift in this country and we need it fast. Limit government to just a few boring things like national defense (from FOREIGN invasion) and maybe the patching the roads and spraying the lines and clear everything else off the table.
Kaptainsteve October 01, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Robin Hood, you are a one act play. We know you can't stand the GOP which is fine with me, but on the other hand if you think the Dems are any better, you still need the other half of your education... Both parties are two heads of the same snake and serve the same masters. Ain't that what George Carlin always said? He was right. As I said elsewhere, Romney and Obama hold the same position on all the major issues like; Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA, TSA, deficit spending and national debt (Ryan's plan has almost the exact projected debt as Obama's spending), warmongering and foreign adventurism and finally, Romney/ObamaCare. Don't forget it was Romney who first unleashed it on Mass and now says that he has NO INTENTION of repealing it's major issues like the pre-existing conditions and until your 27 year old Baby Huey under your parents coverage.


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