Valentine's Day Rally in Support of Safer, Rational Gun Laws



MARCH FOR CHANGE, a Bi-Partisan, Grassroots Organization and a Program ofCT Against Gun Violence Hosts February 14th Rally in Hartford, CT

Several elected officials, including Governor Dannel Malloy, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, Attorney General George Jepsen, Senate President Donald Williams, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. and Mayor Bill Finch, Bridgeport, will participate in the March for Change on Thursday, February 14th at the North Steps of the State Capitol Building in Hartford at 11:00am to affirm their support of safer, rational, common sense legislative changes in the current gun laws in the State of Connecticut.

Participants will also include two individuals from urban communities who have experienced gun violence first-hand, as well as families of the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Colin Goddard, who survived the massacre at Virginia Tech and currently works at the Brady Campaign and Stephen Barton, a survivor of the Aurora, CO massacre and employee of Mayors Against Illegal Guns will also speak at the February 14th rally.  Two members of clergy, symbols of the peaceful and respectful tone and tenor of the rally, will offer inspiration words to the assembled crowd, expected to exceed 2500 people. Marina Belica and Julie Flanders of October Project, will sing their beautiful and haunting song “Return to Me” as a personal tribute.

This event is produced by March for Change, a program of CT Against Gun Violence, to give advocates an opportunity to coalesce and present a unified voice in the bi-partisan effort to make legislative change in Connecticut’s gun laws.

WHAT:                      MARCH FOR CHANGE

WHEN:                      THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, 11:00am – 1:00pm

WHERE:                    HARTFORD STATE CAPITOL     

                                    North Steps overlooking Bushnell Park

Complete list of participants follows:

Governor Dannel Malloy

Celebrity Host/Emcee:  Christine Baranski

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman

Attorney General George Jepsen

Senate President Donald Williams

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney

House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.

Mayor Bill Finch, Bridgeport

Veronique Pozner, mother of Noah Pozner, Sandy Hook

Jillian Soto, sister of Victoria Soto, Sandy Hook

Henrietta Beckman, Mothers United Against Violence (son Randy was shot and killed 10 years ago)

Robert Thompson (father of 14-year old Justin, who was shot and killed in Bridgeport walking home from a party in 2012)

Stephen Barton, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and survivor, Aurora, CO massacre

Colin Goddard, the Brady Campaign and survivor, Virginia Tech massacre

Marina Belica and Julie Flanders, October Project

Rabbi Shaul Praver, Adath Israel, Newtown

Rev. Mia Douglas, Faith Congregational Church, Hartford

Ron Pinciaro, CT Against Gun Violence

Nancy Lefkowitz and Meg Staunton, March for Change

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Malvi Lennon February 15, 2013 at 08:55 PM
LISTEN UP!!! Some say that our "fine" leaders are going to roll Gun Violence, School Security and Mental Health into one bill. THIS IS A TRAP! for Legislators who support the second amendment and other portions of the bill. ALL legislators should be free to cast a vote based on conviction not coercion. CALL CALL CALL
stluva50s February 16, 2013 at 01:00 AM
Maybe if Emily spent a week or even an hour in Gabby Gifford's skin as she bravely adjusts to her new life as the victim of a traumatic brain injury, she would not so smugly refer to an appearance by Gabby Giffords as "trotting out..." My firm guess is that Emily would not last a minute in this role. Emily writes so emphatically....I am not afraid.. Really? Oh yes you are. You are terrified of all the imaginary boogeymen you think are coming to steal your guns. How sad. When most people think of someone "unafraid" they think of Gabby Giffords or Victoria Soto or Anne Marie Murphy as she wrapped little Dylan Hockley in her arms. The gun nuts call themselves brave because they resist the calls for gun control. Again, how sad; how empty; how cowardly.
Fred February 16, 2013 at 02:24 AM
@stluva50s "Imaginary bogeymen you think are coming to steal tour guns?" I heard the President of the United States repeatedly say on national TV thank he wants to take my guns. I heard many CT officeholders say on the Valentine's Day nitwits' march in Hartford that they want to take my guns. I guess my imagination is similar to Emily's.
cheryl February 16, 2013 at 02:49 PM
So Jane enlighten me. What is the difference between liberlism, progressivism, just tell me and I will listen, youre never too old to learn and I am willing. But what I see that brings them together is the ideology of bigger gov, that they are not satisfied with the big gov that we have or had they alway want bigger, and what that leads to is total gov control. If I am wrong about that I would like to see it. Now I don't see it. I see their goal being the same. The same means total gov and that is communism. (total gov). But this will be something new. They will need a crisis first to implement that change- I have a feeling that will be bad for all of us subjects. That's what we willbecome if they have their way, cuz right now the gov is in control of some industries ( thru direct or indirect i.e. tax credits, grants, subsides, special interests, lobbiest etc) finance thru Dodd Frank, healthcare thru Obamacare ( scary one life or death), student loans, education thru federal dept of ed, energy thru smart meters, executive orders, subsidies remember Solyndra and others, by not enforcing laws, (immigration, marriage act, etc) as they trash the constitution. Either you are for individual freedom and less gov intrusion, or you want total gov. There is no happy medium here. We are going from a "can do" nation to a "what can you do for me" nation. That is NOT the American way. Certainly looking back at history -its a country's demise.
Emily February 16, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Libertarianism is neither left nor right, it is above them both, in the center. God help us all from what we are becoming. I don't need protection from terrorists or from gun toting wild-men. I need protection from those that want to protect me. I need protection from the government. 9 words you NEVER want to here..."I'm from the government and I'm here to help".


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