Letter to the Editor: In Support of Melissa Schlag

Having worked with Melissa on the Haddam Land Swap issue, I can attest to her love of this area, her extremely sharp and creative mind, and her amazing work ethic.


Not All Newspapers are Partisan! 

The Norwich Bulletin and The Day recently proved that their endorsements are not based on how much money a candidate has or their political party. It’s about the issues facing our district and the opportunities and challenges now and in the future and who is best suited to address them.

It is so refreshing that both papers endorsed Melissa Schlag for state senator in the 33rd district. Having worked with Melissa on the Haddam Land Swap issue, I can attest to her love of this area, her extremely sharp and creative mind, and her amazing work ethic. She demonstrates that there is an alternative to “business as usual” at the state capitol. I truly believe she is what we need in Hartford. Melissa has been deeply involved in local issues for over 5 years while running a successful small business. She is a doer who has fresh ideas and will be the “people’s senator” if given a chance.

I encourage voters to take a serious look at her with an open mind before election day and if you like her ideas, vote for her!


Thank you,

Sharon Daly

Haddam, CT

Melissa Schlag November 02, 2012 at 10:25 PM
First I would like to clear up a few things, not quite sure where you received your information. The land swap had nothing to do with a parking lot. There is no parking lot on Clark Creek WMA and it is not and never has been a confirmed brownfield site. Also, on my website, I detail what spending we need to cut; we have many situations where corporate welfare and special interests trump the middle class and small businesses. And as you state above, Robin Hood has it right. You will also find on my site that I list many instances of wasteful spending and upside down government that Robin Hood also discusses such as the Bridgewater versus Belltown. I will stop wasteful spending, fix an unequal tax structure and close the corporate loop holes. We will always have people who take advantage of any system (welfare) but welfare only makes up 5% of our budget. It is unconscionable to pick on the poor while the world's richest hedge funds are receiving welfare themselves. As much as there are loopholes at the bottom there are more at the top. Through my group we saved the citizens of Connecticut $900,000 by merely forcing transparency. If I could do this from the outside, just think of what I could do from the inside. This is why I'm running. I have ideas and solutions. I appreciate the discussion and urge everyone to visit my website and Facebook page. And thank you Sharon Daly! www.melissaschlag.com http://www.facebook.com/schlagforsenate
JS188 November 04, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Melissa, Your response further solidifies exactly the problem with our local government. To start with the land swap... You lead a group aimed at stopping development on a piece of property which effectively ended job opportunities and increased tax contribution. No business... no jobs. Jobs that would have given people an opportunity to earn a living, contribute to town, state and federal taxes. Instead we now have a piece of property that is contributing nothing. Second, the same piece of property or directly abutting is either a. an old landfill/gravel pit, b. contains heavily polluted groundwater as studied by citizens for groundwater protection. As far as welfare goes I understand there is a need and a place for it. I am not talking about the poor. I am talking about those that take advantage of it. I currently and have for many years worked 2 jobs to support myself. Many others are in the same boat and I do not appreciate money that I earned wasted and given to those who choose not to work. I fully support those in need. Many if not all of the issues you have taken on involve conservation. In Haddam alone 70%+ property is in conservation, meaning it does not pay taxes and results in higher taxes for everyone else. The real issues are healthcare, high taxes, slow economic growth, jobs. You have demonstrated efforts that contribute to those issues, not fix them. I would support you if you demonstrated an ability to take on real issues, but you havent
JS188 November 04, 2012 at 08:37 PM
In addition you stated my comments about welfare are "inconscionable". A month or so YOUR supporters referred to me as "mentally handicap", "hater" "confused" and "a robot" in an article about being green. In a polite and professional way I stated my opinion. In no way shape or form did you condemn or disagree with these nor did your supporter. It reflects unprofessionalism and poor taste. If you missed these perhaps you should review them. http://thehaddams-killingworth.patch.com/articles/going-green-what-does-it-mean#comments
Melissa Schlag November 04, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Thank you JS188 for the discussion. I agree we need economic development in Haddam, but not at the expense of State open space without study, bidding or an economic plan. We need to add/fix infrastructure if we are to ever grow as a community. As a start, giving to a hedge fund what could potentially be given to multiple towns to fix infrastructure that will help them grow is not economically intelligent or sound. And there are many properties in Haddam and Higganum that are and have been up for sale, which would accommodate a "small boutique hotel" or "bed and breakfast." They remain unsold and unleased as of the present. I will politely disagree with you that I have not demonstrated the ability to take on real issues, my website and endorsements speak for themselves. I am wholeheartedly sorry that you were called names by a supporter of mine, I do not have time to check Patch often and did not see this. But obviously I do not have control over other people, supporter or not. I apologize for anything that offended you, I do not believe in calling anyone names or visceral negativity. I only want to make the 33rd district and Connecticut a better, more economically viable and friendly state.
ALee November 05, 2012 at 10:24 PM
I have nothing personal against Melissa Schlag. But based on polling, voting for Schlag will only help to elect Republican Art Linares, who is endorsed by the radical "Family" Institute, which opposes a woman's right to choose, access to contraception, marriage equality, and non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Linares has also repeatedly lied about his resume, claiming to be an "experienced job creator" at the age of 24, and to run a business, GreenSkies LLC, even though the Hartford Courant has reported that Linares "has never been part of the day-to-day company." Linares is now benefitting from an assault of Super PAC advertising paid for by a Greenwich hedge fund tycoon. Voting for Melissa Schlag will only split the Democratic vote, hurt the middle class, and help radical Republicans and the interests of the multi-millionaires who support them. A vote for Jim Crawford will make sure that this radical agenda is not the one that represents us all in Hartford.


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