Letter to the Editor: Vote for Melissa Ziobron

This letter is to urge all voters regardless of party affiliation to vote for Melissa Ziobron to represent the 34th district in our State legislature.


She would bring a wealth of experience, incredible energy, honesty & intelligence to this moribund assortment of rubber stamps & sycophants for our now very unpopular tax-happy Governor Malloy. Without the effective participation of legislators such as Mrs. Ziobron would offer, the largest tax increases in Ct.'s history will crush the middle class - already a fait accompli according to VP Biden - and this simply has to be stopped & reversed where possible.

As a former member of East Haddam's Economic Development Commission, I had the pleasure of working closely with Melissa Ziobron who was our Economic Development Coordinator. Her ability to work with other important commissions (P&Z, Wetlands, WPCA, Selectman, Board of Finance, etc.) was astonishing & during her tenure, more was accomplished than ever before. Most of this work was directed atassisting local businesses & to bring in more companies to East Haddam. This is exactly the kind of experience desperately needed at the State level.

We also served together on the Elderly Tax Relief Committee & successfully created East Haddam's first tax relief ordinance for senior citizens whose incomes were below $50,000 I urge our seniors to vote for someone who understands their challenges & who knows how to do something about it!

Other boards & committees she served on are too numerous to mention here except to say she was also a powerful voice on the Board of Education for years & cares deeply about the education of our children.

To have a real fighter & advocate for education, our seniors, the middle class, & fiscal responsibility, vote for Melissa Ziobron on November 6th.

David Sloan, East Haddam


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