Higganum Man Pleads Guilty to Six Different Haddam Burglaries

Jacob Hartzel, 20, pleaded guilty to burglary charges in Middletown Court on Thursday.


Jacob Hartzell, 20, of 972 Killingworth Road in Higganum pleaded guilty on Thursday in Middletown Superior Court to six counts of third-degree burglary, one count of possession of narcotics and one count of fourth-degree larceny.

The case is continued until November 29 in order for a presentencing report to be prepared, according to a Middletown Press article.

In April of this year, the Haddam Resident Trooper’s Office issued a press release with the following arrest information for Hartzell:

  • November 11, 2011: a reported forced entry into a barn on Quarry Hill Road in Haddam Neck. Reported stolen was a Yamaha golf cart and a Ridgid 8000 watt generator. Arrested on warrants for the crime were Jacob Hartzell and a male juvenile. Both were charged with 3rd degree Burglary, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Burglary, 3rd degree Larceny, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Larceny, 3rd degree Criminal Mischief, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Criminal Mischief.
  • November 2011: An unreported burglary at a building owned by Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection located on Filley Road, Haddam. A log splitter and a chain saw were stolen from this location. Arrested on warrants were Jacob Hartzell and a male juvenile. Both were charged with 3rd degree Burglary, 3rd degree Larceny, 3rd degree Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Burglary, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Larceny and Conspiracy to commit Criminal Trespass.  
  • February 6, 2012: a reported burglary into a small building at the Great Hill ball field on Jail Hill Road in Haddam. Arrest warrants were obtained and the following were arrested: Jacob Hartzell and male juvenile. Both were charged with 3rd degree Burglary, Conspiracy to commit 3rd degree Burglary, 6th degree Larceny, Conspiracy to commit 6th degree Larceny, 3rd degree Criminal Mischief and Conspiracy to commit 3rd degreeCriminal Mischief.    
  • The Town of Haddam, Public Works department reported that street signs from throughout the town of Haddam were stolen. Signs were identified as belonging to the town of Haddam. Many of the signs were regulatory signs including stop signs, as well as many road signs. These signs were located hidden in a crawl space inside a juvenile's bedroom closet on 02/15/12. Arrested on arrest warrants were Jacob Hartzell and a juvenile. Both were charged with Larceny 3rd degree and Conspiracy to commit Larceny 3rd degree.
  • February 8, 2012: A reported burglary into the Valley Bible Church, on Turkey Hill Road in Haddam. The side window of the church was entered. Stolen from the scene were four electric guitars, a snowboard, camcorder, digital camera and three fire extinguishers. A juvenile male was charged and Hartzell was names as a possible suspect.
  • February 25, 2012: A reported forced entry into a shed and thefts of a 1980 Can Am Qualifier Dirt Bike motorcycle and a 1986 Can Am ASE Dirt Bikemotorcycle on Camp Bethel Road, Haddam. That investigation led to arrest warrant applied for and the arrest of Jacob Hartzell. Hartzell was charged with Burglary 3rd degree, Conspiracy to commit Burglary 3rddegree, Larceny 3rd degree, Conspiracy to commit Larceny 3rddegree. A second arrest is pending for another accomplice.

Hartzell also has a drug-related arrest history.

If convicted for the six counts of third-degree burglary, one count of possession of narcotics and one count of fourth-degree larceny, Hartzell is looking at a possible sentence of six years suspended after serving three years with three years probation.

Robert gardner September 25, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Make these kids compensate the victims . It's not enough to just do your time . I suspect it will be cut drastically by the time they get out. To become a member of society they need to get a job and pay there debts like the rest of us.. we work hard for what we have only to lose it to the likes of these kids.
The Man October 21, 2012 at 05:59 AM
yeah what ever. Jake get out soon.


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