5 Ways East Hampton Is Preparing For the Storm Season

Town Manager Michael Maniscalco explains some of the emergency prepardness efforts that are being put into place as we enter the fall and winter season.

A recent statewide hurricane drill in July is just one of the ways in which town officials in East Hampton are preparing for the upcoming storm season, said Town Manager Michael Maniscalco.

In a press release, Maniscalco explained how the drill was a way for town officials to work together and pool together tools and resources in response to an emergency.

In the wake of the one-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene, municipal leaders across the area and the state have revamped emergency preparedness in case another storm were to hit.

"As the Town reviews and prepares its plans, we are reticent that these will be working documents which will remain fluid and will be updated on a regular basis," Maniscalco said. "Through these efforts and more we will be better prepared to handle emergency situations”.

In the press release, the town manager detailed a group of measurable activities as they contribute to the town's emergency readiness:

  1. Emergency Preparedness Committee - a bipartisan committee composed of both elected officials and Town staff to review and discuss current and future safety needs of Town residents.
  2. Comprehensive Safety Review - A comprehensive review of all of the first responder departments including facilities, staffing and equipment. A report will be created from this review and presented to the Town Council and public.
  3. Individual Town Department Emergency Preparedness and Continued Operations - Each Town Department has created a disaster preparation checklist in an effort to ensure minimal damage and continuity of services. 
  4. Ever Bridge Alert System - An emergency alert system which will allow the Town to contact residents, who signed up, in the instance of an emergency.
  5. CERT Team - (Community Emergency Response Team) a group of East Hampton Residents who have been trained in the basics of search and rescue, first aid and general emergency response.

Maniscalco reminds residents that there are also safety videos being shown at the library regarding power line safety. They are also available to be checked out.

The town also will be testing the emergency alert system, also known as Ever Bridge, on September 10, he said. 


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