Anderson for Town Council

More citizen participation in the governing of East Hampton is one goal.

Closer to the People

During this campaign season, there’s been talk about what each candidate’s “vision” is for East Hampton and that we need to “unify” our community. As I stated in the candidate bio sheet completed for the East Hampton Library, if elected, one of my goals is to encourage more citizen participation in the governing of our Town.

Supporting our volunteers on boards and commissions, our town departments and bringing the business of governing closer to the people we are elected to serve is one goal I will strive to meet.

So, how do we accomplish this? I’d like to see Town Council meetings include a presentation once a month from a board or commission, to highlight their mission, their goals and their membership. Presentations would include their mission statement, a synopsis of their present membership’s background and experience, an overall explanation of the kinds of projects they are involved in and the needs they have to move their initiatives forward. This would have a two-pronged benefit, one for the individuals who might be interested in supporting the boards’ efforts and one for the Council’s Appointments Sub-Committee in their charge to fill vacant positions on those commissions.

Additionally, the Town Council could hold two meetings a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, where the dialog is more informal and the discussions are more audience focused. Opening the process to include citizen input will ensure a cohesive vision for our Town. Attracting and inspiring our community members to become involved and working collaboratively in setting clear goals will ensure progress and success.

Should I earn your confidence for a seat on East Hampton’s Town Council on November 8th, this is one plan I will bring to the table and will ask fellow elected councilors to support.

Patience Anderson

Candidate for East Hampton Town Council

17 Anderson Way

East Hampton

Alice C. Stelzer October 13, 2011 at 10:14 AM
This is a vision I could vote for but unless enough of the right thinking people are elected to the Council, she would have a hard time making it happen. To me that means not electing anyone who is on the present Council.


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