Letter: Sign Up East Hampton

More residents needed to sign up for East Hampton ALERTS Notification System.


In the past few days and weeks we have all read and heard of the tragic storms that have hit our neighbors in the Mid-Atlantic States and the destructive fires that are raging out west. We are very lucky in Connecticut and we count on our beautiful weather and dependable forecasts. Last year we were caught with several feet of snow, a hurricane and an untimely snowstorm in October. We were all helping each other and asking the Town for help. The town was not prepared for these events and we all had to struggle together.

Now we feel that the town is ready to cope with a damaging storm if we are faced with one. We have put the Alert system in place and now it is time for the residents to step up and sign up! Please take five minutes to go to the town website www.easthamptonct.gov and click on the East Hampton ALERTS icon.  Create your online profile and fill out the easy form for the Everbridge System. 

Many have signed up but many more have not. If you do not have internet access, fill out the form that was sent to every household and mail or bring it to the Town Hall. If you do not have the form, call 860-267-4468 and the Town Hall employees will help you. Look for the sign up area at Old Home Day, as you enter, near the ambulance and police vehicles.

Help us help you. If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you!


Barbara Moore
East Hampton Town Council


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