School Superintendent Addresses Hendricks Case

Golden: I gave you information I was allowed to give you and as soon as possible.


During the board of education meeting on Monday night, East Hampton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Judith Golden addressed questions she has received concerning the case involving former middle school teacher Richard Hendricks.

Hendricks on Jan. 19 in United States District Court in New Haven to one count of receipt of child pornography.

The questions pertained to how much information was made available to board members and the public. Golden said there were many sensitive details and “I gave you information I was allowed to give you and as soon as possible.”

“This case is not over until sentencing takes place in May or June,” Golden continued. “Laurie Gonzalez [Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services] and I will be interviewed by the case worker. We will also attend the sentencing and testify as to the harm this individual has caused. The contents of the report that the case worker generates are under seal and are seen only by the judge.”

Golden, who sent a letter home to parents last week concerning developments in the case, also took a moment to praise staff and administrators on the support extended to families and children in the district.

“There is no chapter in the book for superintendents on how to deal with a pedophile in your schools,” Golden said. “You never expect such a heinous thing will happen in your school. I am grateful to the U.S. Attorneys and Homeland Security agents who have provided and continue to provide so much assistance. Also, our support staff under Laurie’s direction, and the administrators, have done an outstanding job of supporting our families and children, and I commend them.”

Hendricks, a computer teacher and yearbook advisor at the school, was arrested on June 6, 2011, by ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents.


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