Traipsing Through Wesleyan's Spring Landscape

In the courtyard behind the university's Davison Art Center is a lovely place to repose, meditate, or just enjoy the shade and the view.

The courtyard at the rear of Wesleyan University's Davison Art Center, also known as the Richard Alsop IV House, offers a place of repose, reflection, meditation and natural beauty.

In spring, it is an especially alluring sight when the tulips, daffodils and lupins bloom, creating an explosion of color — purple, red, orange, yellow, peach and pink.

In 2009, the house was designated a National Historic Landmark and students and the public are welcome to walk the grounds, on which sit several mature trees. Water courses through an antique three-tiered cast-iron fountain when the warm weather arrives, and passersby can toss a coin inside and make a wish.

Adjoining the courtyard is a 30-foot-wide labyrinth dedicated to author and resident Kit Reed and her husband Joe, professor of English and American studies, emeritus. It was chosen by the couple to replicate the 808-year-old Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France.

Wesleyan has created an online, self-guided walking guide, complete with notable landmarks and historical information you can use to explore the campus further.

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Alice C. Stelzer May 05, 2011 at 05:49 PM
That Magnolia is beautiful. I never knew that you could just go and walk through there. Now I will make a stop there.


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