Viewfinder: Work on Memorial School Roof Progressing

It has been hot days and long hours for workers.


They had been at it all day on Tuesday. Through the hot mid day sun and into the early evening hours, which at least brought with it some cooler temperatures.

Workers from Silktown Roofing in Manchester have been busily going about the job of replacing the roof at Memorial School, a job made a little more difficult given the hot start to the summer. The good news is there has been little rain to interfere with their progress.

Work is expected to be completed, or at least a vast majority of it, in time for the first day of school on Tuesday, Sept. 4, the start of which was delayed until after Labor Day. The gymnasium is expected to be the last of the project to be tackled.

When done, the color of the roof will be British England Racing Green, which is similar to hunter green.

The school grounds, especially the side adjacent from Seamster Park, very much resembles a construction zone, so residents are reminded to stay out of the area.

Despite the late hours on Tuesday, one worker said that on Wednesday they'll do it again, starting not long after the sun comes up.


Viewfinder is an occasional series using photos to show what is going on in our towns.


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