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Valley View School
81 High St, Portland, CT 06480

The educational philosophy of the Portland Public Schools is based on the concept of a democratic society thatMore recognizes, respects and promotes the dignity and worth of the individual and seeks to provide an equal opportunity for each student to realize his or her fullest potential for academic and personal achievement.

Recognizing that each student is unique with individual abilities, interests, background, and heritage, the Portland Schools believe:

That each student must be given appropriate opportunity to develop the concept of self-worth, to master the basic skills in communication, numbers, the social and other sciences, and vocational endeavor, to develop skills leading toward economic independence, to understand the American heritage and ideals, to appreciate those of other cultural backgrounds, races or nationalities, to develop positive attitudes toward responsible citizenship, to explore the cultural arts, to recognize the importance of physical and mental health, to participate constructively in a changing society, to understand the relationship of man to his environment, to develop moral and ethical values based on the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and to develop a range of interests in physical, intellectual, and creative areas of endeavor.

Portland Schools provide an environment that encourages the uniqueness of each individual. All students are challenged to reach their potential and to become self-motivated, life-long learners. All schools collaborate with the community to foster the development of citizens who will be productive in a diverse global society.

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