Caroline Spricigo
I was born in Brazil, and have lived here in the United States for 9 months. It is a little bit different for me because Portland (my current address) is a small-town comparing with my town in Brazil, but I really enjoy living here.
I am Advertising and Marketing graduate, but my real passion is writing. My big dream is to be a Journalist. I am living here as an Au Pair (exchange program) where I live with an American family taking care of the children while I go to school improving my English skills. I enjoy reading a good book with a cup of coffee. I like listening to a good song (old Rock 'n' roll), the music is in my blood, my family has a band and I am a singer. I am an easy going person, I make friends easily and you are always going to see a big smile on my face. I do not like sadness where I am, so I am always making jokes. I like to stay with my friends and people I love.  I like to study and be informed about what is happening around the world. I am an hard working person and I am not afraid to go after what I want. Well, what else can I say about me? I can say I am a very easy person who likes to help others people and be happy, doing the things I enjoy!
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