Sondra Jedziniak
Born and raised in CT, I have lived here all my life with the exception of college and foreign travel.
As a recent graduate from Nyack College, my interests and personality at times reflect my degree in Inter-Cultural Studies;  people, passion and understanding the two are at the top of my list of life priorities.  I enjoy travel and have had the privilege of visiting Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing in China as well as El Salvador and Costa Rica.  But my interests go beyond mere tourism as cultural cuisine, dance, language and societal norms also intrigue me.  In the future, it is my dream to "conocir a" (to get to know) Spain, Africa and Venezuela.  My next language endeavor is French.   As many students of foreign language know, a first, solid understanding of one's own native language is crucial and therefore, my love of writing, poetry and English Literature has been very helpful.  The Nyack College Fine Print annually publishes student and faculty art and literature and has kindly published some of my own poetry and photography. With my love of travel, people and understanding culture, journalism and news reporting is a great practical way to intertwine my interests with my vocation.
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